Welcome to Zentoo Linux

Zentoo Linux is variant of Gentoo Linux with an emphasis on server deployment on x86_64 platforms.

Zentoo Linux – just like Gentoo Linux – is a source based Linux distribution with a live package tree. Zentoo Linux is at the same time more conservative and more bleeding-edge. Package updates tend to happen in batches that are known to work reliably. Still package versions tend to be more up-to-date and new server-related packages have been added to the tree.

Zentoo Linux also provides a bunch of experimental overlays for special setups (like Continuous Integration system needing X11 and browsers) and for testing experimental new packages. For a list of available overlays refer to the Zentoo Github account.

Various tools have been developed or extended for the Zentoo ecosystem, including Metro, Quickstart, systemd), Chef Cookbooks and others.


Prebuilt Zentoo Linux images can be found at zentoo.org/downloads.